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4 Best Door Gift Snacks for Events!

4 Best Door Gift Snacks for Events!

It is quite a headache for the house owners and event hosts to ensure that the event not only runs smoothly but the guests also go home with a full stomach and smile. It all involves costs.

Who doesn’t like gatherings, feasts and banquets? Aside from celebrating something meaningful and fun such as weddings, celebrations and birthdays, it is also one of the ways to strengthen the relationship among the attended guests.

As a token of appreciation, the host will often prepare a door gift for guests to take home. This has become a common practice and it is a bit strange in case the guests leave the event without any gifts.

It is quite a headache for the house owners and event hosts to ensure that the event not only runs smoothly but the guests also go home with a full stomach and smile. It all involves costs. However, high costs do not necessarily guarantee the success of an event. Sometimes, it just takes a little bit of planning and creativity.

Here I would like to share 4 snacks that you should consider for your next occasion, thereby ensuring that all guests return home with a smile. Regardless if it is a celebration, wedding, awards ceremony, acquaintance meeting session and birthday party, this door gift is surely relevant.

The 4 door gifts are: Karasquid Squid Flavoured Fish Snack, Squid Crackers, Green Peas Snack and TAKO Squid Flavoured Fish Snack.

With the above 4 products, you can make a large bowl snack for guests to share. The products listed here are also available in medium and smaller packages; perfect for door gift.


Karasquid Squid Flavoured Fish Snack (Karasquid Dancing Chilli)

The first snack of choice by most is the Karasquid Dancing Chilli, which combines sweetness and spiciness in harmony with its chewy texture that can surely impress you. Believe me, one pack is usually not enough!


Cuttlefish Crackers with Original, Spicy and BBQ Flavours

If the event you are hosting is going to be attended by a lot of kids, the very crispy Cuttlefish Crackers is definitely up for grabs. All three flavours come with own unique taste. The moderate package size makes it an ideal door gift for your event.


Green Peas Snack

Green Peas Snack, on the other hand, is a healthier alternative for those who are health conscious. This is because the Green Peas Snacks are roasted and not fried like most other crackers in the market. In addition, it also contains more protein than other crackers. While being a healthier option, its taste does not disappoint at all.


Tako Squid Flavoured Fish Snack

The last recommended snack for your party is squid flavoured fish snack called Tako. Tako comes in two flavours, original and spicy. Tako comes in smaller packages than Squid Crackers and Green Peas Snack. Tako is the ideal snack for guests to take home especially for children.

All snacks under IKA’S are Halal certified, so those who are Muslims can enjoy IKA’S crackers without any hesitations. An easy way to get IKA’S halal snacks is to order online at Shopee and Lazada. Offline purchase at- 99 Speedmart, KK Super Mart, ECO Shop, Popular Bookstores (specific branches), TF Value-Mart, AEON, Billion (specific branches), Giant Hypermarket, Family Mart, Mynews.com, and petrol stations. You can enjoy saving if you make a purchase during promotion period.

In conclusion, IKA’S halal snack is indeed the best!

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